General Fault Maintenance and Remote Fault Diagnosis

After receiving the user's service request, judge the user's failure and analyze the problem, and assist in solving the problem. When the telephone support service cannot solve the equipment failure problem, or when the telephone technical support is provided, the remote support service can be implemented according to the needs and with the consent of the user. In the process of remote technical support, through the network, remote fault diagnosis is carried out for the failed equipment, and solutions are proposed. Remote fault diagnosis can greatly shorten the repair time of faulty equipment.

General Fault Maintenance and Remote Fault Diagnosis

The maintenance support center shall be equipped with communication equipment, laptop, necessary tooling and instruments. The technical support engineers of the center can arrive at the site in a short time to serve users. At the same time, the support center has a spare parts warehouse, which can provide spare parts services at any time according to the user's requirements or the actual needs of equipment maintenance. In the emergency on-site maintenance service, we will organize a technical expert group to provide paid on-site services according to the needs of the site.

Support for Purchase and Supply of Spare Parts

A general spare parts warehouse and a technical support center are set up to respond to Party A's spare parts service request in a timely manner. The center can provide comprehensive spare parts support services including hardware replacement, spare parts distribution, software upgrade, etc.

Equipment Maintenance Service and Other Necessary Technical Services

During the warranty period, the user shall send trained and qualified personnel to maintain and operate the equipment according to the maintenance manual. If there is a problem with the correct use of the equipment, we are responsible for replacing defective equipment and software for free. If the equipment is damaged due to irresistible reasons such as fire, flood, magnetoelectric string in, strong lightning, strong electricity, riots, and man-made damage, we are responsible for paid maintenance, and the user only bears the cost of maintenance materials. After the warranty period expires, we guarantee to continue to provide repair and maintenance for the equipment, and the user shall bear the corresponding costs. If you have any problems with the use of your equipment, please contact our support center at any time, and we will arrange relevant personnel for you to help. Your satisfaction with products and services is iAxel's long-term pursuit.


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