ATB-63 1000VDC Miniature Circuit Breaker

ATB-63 DC breaker supplementary protectors are designed to provide overcurrent protection within appliances or electrical equipment, where a branch circuit protection is already provided or not required. Devices are designed for direct current (DC) control circuit applications.
DC Miniature Circuit Breaker
DC Miniature Circuit Breaker

Features & Benefits

Premium miniature circuit breaker for DC applications

Current limiting class 3

Back-up fuse with high selectivity, thanks to low let-through energy

Rated currents up to 63A

Tripping characteristic C

Rated switching capacity 10 kA according to IEC/EN 60947-2

Compatible with standard busbars

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Product Details
Technical Parameter
ATB-63 Series Circuit Breaker ATB-63
Frame degree rated current (A) 63
Electrical performance
Ue Rated operating voltage (V DC) 1P: DC250V 2P: DC500V DC600V 3P: DC800V 4P: DC1000V DC1200V 
Rated CurrentIn (A) 6-10-16-20-25-32- 40-50-63
Rated insulation voltageUi (V DC) 2P: 800V 4P: 1200V
ated Impact voltage Uimp (kV) 4
Ultimate breaking capacity Icu (kA) 6 6 6 6
Run breaking capacity lIcs (%lcu) 75% 75% 75% 75%
Curve type C
Trip type Thermal-magnetic
MECHANICAL Actual average value 20000
Standard value 8500
ELECTRIC Actual average value 2500
Standard value 1500
Control and indication
Shunt release (SHT) Option
Undervotage release (UNT)
Auxiliary contact (AX)
Alarm contact (AL)
Connection and installation
Wiring capacity (mm²) In≤32A, 1~25 mm², 1≥40A, 10-35mm²
Ambient temperature (9C ) -20~70
Altitude ≤2000
Relative humidity ≤95%
Pollution L evel 3
Installation Environment No obvious shock and vibration
Installation category Class Ⅲ
Installation DIN Standard rail
Dimensions(W)x(H)x(Deep) W 18 36 54 72
H 80 80 80 80
Deep 71 71 71 71
Weight (kg) 0.12 0.24 0.36 0.48




Wiring diagram

Rated current (A) Sectional area of wire (mm²) Tightening torque of connecting wire (N.m)
1、2、3、4、5、6 1 Both the power side and load side are 2.0
10 1.5
16、20 2.5
25 4
32 6
40、50 10
63 16


Installation diagram

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