ATES Series DC 150V250V Electric Vehicles DC fuse

Aite fuse offers Electric Vehicle (EV) fuses for protecting high power battery charging.
ATES Series DC 150V250V EV Fuse
ATES Series DC 150V250V EV Fuse

Features & Benefits

Standard: IEC60269,ISO8820,GB/T31465

Rated Voltage: DC150V/250V

Rated Current: 16-500A

Breaking Capacity: DC50kA

CE Approved and comply with RoHs.

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Product Details

Figure No. A B C D E F G H J
18GL42 56 45 40 28.5 12.5 17.5 6.5 20 9.5
38GL56 83 62 50 32 25 37.5 10.5 42.5 16


Technical parameters
Type Figure No. Rated current (A) Watts Loss (W) Energy Integrals I²t(A²s)
Pre-Arcing I²t TotaI I²t
ATES 18GL42 16 2.5 18 94
20 3.0 29 146
25 3.3 57 287
32 4.3 94 474
35 4.7 116 585
40 5.2 167 842
50 6.2 297 1500
63 7.5 513 2600
80 10.5 911 4600
100 12.4 1507 7580
125 15.2 2680 13500
160 20.0 4617 23300
180 22.8 6030 30400
38GL56 200 22.0 4563 22300
250 27.7 7543 29900
315 36.2 12100 49300
350 40.2 15800 79100
400 46.1 22100 102900
450 52.7 28900 144400
500 59.9 36500 188600




The fuses are round tube bolted fuses, which have the characteristics of small size, high breaking capacity, resistance to current impact, and can withstand high-strength mechanical vibration and impactwide temperature range impact and strong chemicalload, and are suitable for the road vehicle industry Application, can be used for short circuit and backup protection of electric vehicle drive power system, power conversion system,energy storage and power system, frequency conversion controller charger wire, and other vehicle devices and equipment.

Note: All test data in this specification are measured under DC environment time constant (expected test current>50KAtake 10-15ms: expected test current l<50KA, take 0.5xl°3)and wiring methods refer toISO8820GB/T31465


We are a professional manufacturer for high-quality various DC or AC Fuses, located in Yueqing Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province. Our company is committed to R&D, production and sales of circuit protection devices, fuses and related accessories. The company has introduced high-tech talents from the industry standards committee, and has strong technical force to provide customers with a full range of circuit protection solutions. The company's main products are: fuses for photovoltaic (inverter) protection, fuses for new energy electric vehicle system protection, fuse for charging pile system protection, Fuses for energy storage protection, high voltage current limiting protection, etc.



1.Could I have prices of your products? 
Welcome. Please feel free to send us an email here. You will get our reply in 24 hours 

2.Can we print our logo/website/company name on products? 
Yes, MOQ 1000 per each.

3.What's the lead time for regular order? 
7-15 days for order regular quantity.

4.Can I get a discount? 
Yes, for the order quantity more than 1000 pcs, please contact us to get the best price. 

5.Do you inspect the finished products?
Yes, each step of production and finished products will be came out inspection by QC department before shipping.

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