ATSPV-40 SPD DC Surge Protective Device

This DC surge protective device is protect against DC power line system and other equipment from over voltage and instantaneous over voltage damage. Widely used in photovoltaic combiner box, power inverter, DC distribution cabinet etc. It has advantages of large discharge current, fast respond time, low residual voltage.
DC Surge Prolective Device
DC Surge Prolective Device

Features & Benefits

Plug-in type surge protective device

Visible window, green means normal, red means fault

Double protection of fusing and over-current

Remote signal interface that realize remote control

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Product Details
Technical Parameter
Model ATSPV-40
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage Uc 500V DC 800V DC 1000V DC 1200V DC 1500V DC 1800V DC
Nominal Discharge Curent (8/20μ s) 20KA
Maximum Discharge Current(8/20μ s) 40KA
Poles 2P 3P
Voltage Protection Level Up ≤1.8KV ≤2.9KV ≤3.6KV ≤3.8KV ≤4.2KV ≤6.8KV
Response Time tA ≤25ns ≤25ns ≤25ns ≤25ns ≤25ns ≤25ns
Indication Method Visible window, Green=normal, Red=fault
Min. sectional area of incoming wire LIN 4mm²
Min. sectional area of incoming ground wire PE 6mm²
Method of Installation 35mm Din Rail
Material of Shell PBT
Protection Level of Outer Shell IP20
Working Temprature -25-+70℃



1. Do power off when connect surge protection device to system.
2. Ground wire should be as short, straight and thick as possible to reduce the influence of distributed inductance on lightning discharge.
3. No need special maintenance. When surge protector happens fault,equipment connected to remote signal will send alarm, then power off and change new spd mould is fine.


Dimension and wiring Diagram



Customers can connect signal light or buzzer with this remote signal, when signal light on or buzzer sounds, then power off, change fault SPD module to new one is fine.




Short-Circuit Interrupting (SCI) Technology

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